Purplesful Sea Salt earns excellent rating on YUKA.

Excellent Rating on Yuka App earned by Purplesful Snacking Purple Corn Popcorn - Sea Salt Flavor!

Excellent news.

Purplesful Snacking earned an excellent rating on Yuka. With an overall score of 75 out of 100, our non-GMO, ancient grain popcorn had the highest nutritional rating of the 10 national popcorn snack brands reviewed.

Earning an Excellent rating on Yuka isn’t easy.

Yuka’s mission is to help consumers make better choices for their health. In doing so, it aims to drive manufacturers to offer better, healthier products. Yuka is 100% independent and brands cannot influence the outcome of the scores, beyond sending health and nutrition info from the label. Brands cannot purchase ads or better scores. And, Yuka is 100% independently funded and thus impartial.

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