Purple corn popcorn is lighter & fluffier

Purple corn popcorn is lighter and fluffier than yellow popcorn.

5 reasons why purple corn popcorn is lighter and fluffier than yellow-corn popcorn.

  1. Kernel Size and Shape. Ancient grain purple corn typically has smaller and rounder kernels compared to the larger, flatter kernels of yellow corn. Smaller, rounder kernels heat more evenly and expand uniformly when exposed to heat. This uniform expansion contributes to a lighter and fluffier texture.
  2. Moisture Content. Ancient grain purple corn may have a slightly lower moisture content than yellow corn. Lower moisture levels result in more efficient steam generation within the kernel during heating. Rapid steam production causes kernels to burst open more fully, leading to increased volume and a lighter, fluffier popcorn.
  3. Starch Composition. The starch composition in ancient grain purple corn differs from that in yellow corn. Ancient grain varieties often contain a higher proportion of amylopectin, a type of starch that gelatinizes more easily. This property allows for quicker and more complete gelatinization during the popping process, resulting in a lighter texture.
  4. Hull Thickness. The thickness of the popcorn kernel’s hull (outer shell) can influence the popping process. Ancient grain purple corn kernels typically have thinner hulls compared to yellow corn. Thinner hulls allow for easier and quicker expansion, contributing to the desired light and fluffy texture. What’s more, the hull of purple corn is typically destroyed or shed during the popping process. That means fewer hard, sharp bits to get caught in between your teeth, to irritate your gums or to get caught in your kids’ braces!
  5. Popping Temperature. Different types of corn may pop at slightly different temperatures. Ancient grain purple corn may pop at temperatures that are conducive to achieving a lighter and fluffier texture compared to yellow corn.


Kernel size, shape, moisture, starch composition, hull thickness, popping temperature, genetic variation, and processing methods contribute to the lighter and fluffier texture of purple corn popcorn. These characteristics make it a preferred choice for those seeking a delightful and airy popcorn experience.

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